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Providing low cost loans is the principle on which credit unions were founded. For you, the member, loans are available for most productive purposes. Besides low interest rates, credit union loans offer advantages such as: interest charged daily on the unpaid balance of the loan, allowing members to pay interest rates only for the time they use the money; and loan payments can be conveniently made by automatic transfer from savings, by mail, in person, by payroll deduction, or voice response.

Car Loans - New & Used
The credit union finances to qualified applicants 100 percent of the sticker price of a new car and NADA loan value on used cars.


Construction Loans
Please contact the credit union for more information.


Consumer Loans
This loan is used when financing brand new furniture, furnaces, hot tubs, computers, TV's, etc. Items must be brand new. The maximum length of the loan will be three years. We will be filing a UCC1 as a lien on the purchased items.


Home Equity Line of Credit Loans
This is a loan secured by equity in your home. We offer both fixed and variable rates - maximum term is 10 years.


Mortgage Loans
Please contact the credit union for more information.


Overdraft Protection
This loan is unsecured and attached to the checking account. Interest rate is at the unsecured rate.


Promotional Loans
These are seasonal loans that will be offered at different times of the year. The rate, terms and details will be set and approved by the Board. Maximum payback is one year. This loan is unsecured.


Recreational Vehicle Loans
Med Park Credit Union recreational vehicle loans may include but are not limited to motor homes, camping trailers, pop-up campers, 5th wheel trailers, watercraft, jet ski's, and snowmobiles. The length of time on each will be set accordings to the book value in the NADA guidebook. A title will be secured or a UCC1 filing will be processed whichever is applicable. Interest rate will be 1% above the vehicle rate.


Secured Loans
Autos, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles and campers can all be pledged as collateral on a secured loan.


Shared Secured Loans
With a share secured loan, you may borrow an amount equal to the money in your share account at a reduced interest rate. Your shares secure the loan and may not be withdrawn below the amount owed on the loan. Your account continues to draw dividends.


Signature Loans and Line of Credit
A signature loan, or line of credit loan is an unsecured loan which means you pledge no collateral. The dollar amount varies and is based on a member's credit standing and income.


VISA Credit Cards
Med Park Credit Union offers a standard rate of 8.9% on our VISA Card. This rate of 8.9% is good on both purchases and cash advances at Med Park Credit Union. Each VISA card has "Automatic Travel Accident Insurance" coverage. Members and dependents become covered automatically when the entire travel fare is charged to their eligible card at time of purchase. Coverage ends when the policy is terminated. Check with Med Park Credit Union for more information.

Each purchase you make with your card earns you valuable Bonus Points you can redeem for brandname merchandise and exciting travel rewards.

Gifts & Gadgets
If you visit the web site (use the "browse" feature), you'll be amazed at the merchandise available. Here are some examples: Appliances, Electronics, Fashion, Housewares, Sporting Goods, Air Travel, Cruises, Vacation Packages, and much, much more...

Credit Disability Insurance
This low cost insurance covers your loan payments in the event that illness or injury prevents you from working. This insurance coverage is optional to you, the member.

Credit Life Insurance
In the event of your death, your loan would be paid in full. This insurance is also optional and available at a very low cost.

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